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Matthew chapters 5-7 is commonly called Jesus' "Sermon on the Mount."  In it, Jesus went to a hillside, sat down, and began to primarily teach His disciples important principles about His Kingdom.

This sermon series looks at this passage from the perspective that these are fundamental principles that Jesus wants from all His disciples.  We hope you are blessed from listening to them and looking at God's Word.

"Being Blessed"

Everyone wants to be blessed.  But what do we need to do to get God's blessings?  This message looks at what God's blessings are, when and how they happen, and most importantly, what do we need to do get receive them.  From Matthew 5:1-12

"Illustrations of Discipleship"

How should a Christian relate to the world?  In this message, Jesus teaches His disciples how this is done with illustrations of salt and light.  From Matthew 5:13-16.

"Jesus, the Law, & Righteousness

How do we view our righteousness?  Whether we or others view it as acceptable, what really matters is how God sees it.  In this message, we see that since Jesus fulfilled the Law, He can be the perfect substitute for us and we can have His righteousness.

"True Righteousness, Part 1"

People often think of righteousness as actions that we do.  However, God looks at a righteousness that comes from the heart.  How do we do it?  This message answers this question from Matthew 5:21-30.

"True Righteousness, Part 2"

Self-righteousness can come from a self-centered life, but true righteousness comes from a God-centered life.  This message looks at more examples that Jesus gave of how His disciples needed to live lives filled with true righteousness.  From Matthew 5:31-47.

"Hypocritical Religion"

Is it possible to be hypocritical in religious observances and not even realize it?  In this message, Jesus showed His disciples three examples of religious hypocrisy that they need to watch out for.  From Matthew 6:1-18.

"A Tangent on Prayer"

How should Jesus' disciples view prayer?  Should it be for a recognition of God's service or fulfilling our wants?  Looking at the principles given in the Model Prayer, this message shows how Jesus taught His disciples how to pray.  From Matthew 6:7-15.

"Treasuring the Right Things"

What do we treasure?  Is it spiritual things or earthly things?  This message shows Jesus' instructions and warnings about putting money ahead of God.  From Matthew 6:19-24.

"Don't Worry, Be Trusting!"

Does worry have any effect on our Christian lives?  What can we do to stop worry?  In this message, Jesus tells His disciples that there's no need to worry because God takes care of them.  From Matthew 6:25-34.

"Judging & Being Judgmental"

Some Christians think that their righteousness is linked to pointing out other's unrighteousness, but is that really the case?  In this message, Jesus instructs His disciples about not being judgmental.  From Matthew 7:1-6.

"More Prayer Principles"

Jesus talked about prayer twice in the Sermon on the Mount, showing how important prayer is.  This message looks at prayer in terms of things we should pray about and what to expect from God.  From Matthew 7:7-11.

"The Right Way"

Two gates, two paths, and two destinies. In this passage of Scripture, Jesus gives a very somber and chilling warning about making the right choice. We can either choose our own way or His! From Matthew 7:13-23.

"The Wisdom of Following"

Jesus concludes the Sermon on the Mount by giving His listeners two choices: hear and do or hear and don't do.  One is being wise, like building a house on a rock, and the other is being foolishness, like building a house on the sand.  From Matthew 7:24-27

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