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Our Latest Series ...

Other Messages

What Is Salvation?

What is "being saved?"  Although Christians  tend to use this expression, we sometimes lose what it really means.  This message answers five questions about the topic.

What Is Baptism?

What does the Bible say about baptism?  This message looks at what baptism is all about and what makes baptism valid.

Why Is Church Important?

Why should Christians go church?  This message gives five Biblical reasons why.

Is the Bible Real & Reliable?

It seems like there is so little hope today because we are unsure what is real, and therefore, what to trust.  Is the Bible reliable enough to give us real hope?

Worship from the Heart

Do people really get what worship is?  This message examines how worship is more than going through religious motions by looking at Psalm 95.

Living Life and the Word

How does living life with all of its business and worries affect our reception of God's Word?  This message looks at that topic from the perspective of two of Jesus' friends, Mary and Martha.

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